Toy industry in Germany expects stable sales in 2018

The toy industry in Germany is expecting stable revenues this year. The German toy industry association (DVSI) announced on Tuesday that the industry would generate an annual turnover of over 3 billion euros (3.4 billion U.S. dollars) in 2018.

During the annual press conference, DVSI leader Ulrich Brobeil said that "the situation of the German toy industry is constantly good and stable at a high level. Most of companies are very well positioned and thus well equipped for the challenges of the future."

Retailers in Germany also have a similarly positive evaluation of this year's business and especially the Christmas season which brings in between 30 and 40 percent of the annual revenues. According to a recent survey, Germans are intending to spend around 472 euros on average on Christmas gifts this year, approximately 7 euros more than in 2017.

"Dolls, trains and horses are the eternal stars among children. Whether digital or analogue, toys have never been as diverse and stimulating as they are today", said Steffen Kahnt of the German toy retailers association (BVS).

Overall, the toy industry remains optimistic about the development of revenues. 51 percent of companies surveyed by DVSI expect a better development in the future while only 11 percent expect business to deteriorate.


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